Registries for Healthcare

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The complex architecture of HIE, ACO, and MU initiatives stress the importance of reliable access to diverse data from organizations that are often non-affiliated. Today, healthcare IT solutions must supply a new level of coordinated effort, application interoperability, and insight into data relationships.  To complicate the situation further, every environment is unique, making a “one-size-fits-all” solution implausible.

The NextGate Registries for Healthcare offer a configurable and flexible approach to health information exchange. They are a combination of registries that provide a unified and all-encompassing data indexing solution for entities involved in delivering care. They integrate and relate data from across the healthcare ecosystem, providing a more accurate, affordable, and effective method of coordinating and sharing data.

When the registries are combined and work together, new complex relationships can be defined between entities and across data sets resulting in value added content and expanded solution opportunities. For example:

  • Encounter
  • Referral
  • Record Locator Services
  • Consolidated views of enterprise data

The NextGate Registries for Healthcare enable patient-centered care and successful cooperation between care providers. The high performance, industry specific registries reduce the risk of sharing incomplete or inaccurate data.

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