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Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing with XDS Registry & Repository

NextGate supports sophisticated delivery networks by breaking down communication barriers through clinical document exchange. The NextGate XDS Registry & Repository stores standardized clinical documents so providers can share patient data across enterprises and the continuum of care. XDS clinical document exchange can be implemented on top of any existing patient matching technology, further advancing interoperability by posting and sharing clinical care summaries and database queries on accurate, matched patient records. Click to read the XDS data sheet and a few XDS Use Cases.

Provider Collaboration to Support Extended Delivery Networks

With XDS, organizations can store standardized clinical documents and other pertinent patient information from an extended delivery network including, Accountable Care Organizations, Health Information Exchanges, Hospitals and Health Systems, national laboratories, and Physician practices.

  • See patient history and consent authorizations
  • Share patient data between referring providers and specialists for more informed decisions
  • Share clinical data between inpatient and outpatient systems
  • Integrated with EMPI and Provider Registry for unique identifiers
  • Facilitate image exchange

Deploy one or both components as needed.


Supports XDS-b, XDS-i, HL7-CDA, CCD, PDF and others.


Itemized management of consent authorizations.


One location to search for and retrieve clinical documents.


IHE profile compliant, standard interface capabilities.

Download the NextGate XDS Registry & Repository data sheet.

The NextGate XDS Registry & Repository are an implementation of the IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) profile. XDS is a set of standards around document transport, metadata, and content, intended to support sharing of patient-centric clinical documents across enterprises and across the continuum of care for a patient. Each care delivery organization publishes clinical information to the repository but retains the actual documents in their own source system or XDS Repository.

  • The XDS Document Repository stores documents in a transparent, secure, reliable and persistent manner, and responds to document retrieval requests.
  • The XDS Document Registry is a centralized store of meta-data on published documents, making it easy to search for and request documents, regardless of where they’re actually stored.

The NextGate XDS offering is integrated with the NextGate EMPI and NextGate Provider and Organization Registry which provide the unique identifiers called for in the XDS specification.

Download: XDS Use Cases

Challenge: Sharing health records and other documents between healthcare enterprises is cumbersome for care providers and the patient.

Solution: The IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) profile specifies how to share clinical and other documents across the continuum of care. The NextGate XDS offering can be implemented stand alone or as part of an overall Care Team Collaboration strategy.

XDS is part of a comprehensive information sharing framework that delivers a common, accessible health record derived from content contributed from disparate sources. Today’s healthcare IT solutions must supply a new level of coordinated effort, application interoperability, and insight into data relationships. NextGate delivers customized solutions that ensure your data is safe, contact us for more information today.