Simplified and Consolidated Provider Data

NextGate’s Provider & Organization Registry gives you a single location to find and maintain information on all of your providers, both individuals and organizations.  It creates an up-to-date “Source of Truth” registry from internal and external sources, significantly increasing the accuracy and simplicity of using provider information.

Easy to find Provider information for efficient collaboration and billing

  • Stores both individual and organizational provider info
  • One place for maintenance updates
  • Combines info into “Golden Record”
  • Generates common Provider ID for easier interoperability
  • Self-service Provider Portal
  • Quality data to define Provider – Patient relationships
  • Build maps of care teams
Data Master

Assembles a single, source of truth reference point for all provider information.

Common Identifier

Creates a single enterprise provider ID for more accurate data exchange across systems and organizations.


Tested with profiles for a worry-free implementation process.


Standard APIs makes integration with local, state, and national systems straightforward.


Built on MatchMetrix identity platform to be used standalone or with other NextGate registries.

Using separate processes to maintain provider information within your applications requires too much effort. Variable update schedules, different provider identifiers, and inconsistent data interfere with smooth information flow and cause a lot of unnecessary fact-checking, phone calls, and faxing. Too many sources of “out-of-sync” provider information make it difficult to identify providers, collaborate in care teams, and coordinate care.

When the enterprise shares the same provider information, care teams collaborate better, care coordination is simplified, and confusion is reduced. You won’t waste time trying to figure out who’s in charge of a patient, or looking on the web for their phone number, or calling for their billing information.

National Healthcare Provider reconciles provider databases, creates unique identifier for provider records Use Case

Integrated delivery network consolidates and matches patient and provider data to drive interoperability Use Case

Medical group launches EMPI and provider registry solutions to expedite referral process and integrate physicians into admission process Use Case

The NextGate Provider Registry and Directory offer a complete solution to consolidate provider related processes and content into a single system, and therefore simplify the management of provider information across the enterprise.

The Provider Registry is the comprehensive store of information about all providers in a defined region and the services they are authorized to deliver. It aggregates content about entities and individuals from various sources and presents the information in an integrated view.

The Provider Directory is an IHE compliant framework that offers a straightforward, easy to query list of only active provider participants. The narrow focus of the Provider Directory simplifies the search for and exchange of relevant provider information.


  • Uses a comprehensive and configurable data model to maintain provider roles, privileges, practice locations, and relationships between individual and organizational providers
  • Assembles a “Single Best Record” from all available information to supply the enterprise with consistent and complete provider content
  • Assigns a common provider identifier to facilitate interoperability across stakeholders
  • Defines relationship types such as Provider/Patient (in general or for a specific encounter), Doctor/Hospital practice rights, and Provider/Research Study
  • Integrates with external systems in real-time or batch via IHE transactions and NextGate Message Server adaptors
  • Provisioning Service promotes content to the Provider Directory when Provider Registry records are updated
  • Supports downstream targets
  • Integrated workflow activities to automate and validate self-service updates and other processes

Viable provider management requires more than just a database of names, links to credentialing systems, and a network of fax machines. Our interoperability solutions are comprehensive and adhere to IHE guidelines. Learn more about how we can streamline your processes with a consultation today.