Transformative Collaboration: Meaningful Data Exchange and Governance

Timely, accurate, and consistent identification of patients, their records, and their providers are essential for effective collaboration to improve health and value. It delivers better data quality, fewer clinical mistakes, increased confidence in decision making, and higher satisfaction among all stakeholders. In today’s value-based reimbursement models, the mantra is “get meaningful access to all relevant data.” And we’ve heard that a ‘one size fits all’ software platform comes up a little short when trying to assemble complete and accurate information from the extended healthcare landscape.

NextGate’s iDAS (Intelligent Data Aggregation Server) identifies, aggregates, and supplies relevant, scrutinized data content to collaborators so they no longer waste time searching through multiple screens or systems. iDAS enables providers and healthcare team members to drive efficiencies in staff time and cost by eliminating multiple patient records, capture lost revenue through enhanced care transition and patient event notification, and boost care quality and satisfaction with accurate, trustworthy data collection and reporting.

The iDAS application combines market-leading KLAS Category Leader in patient matching technology with robust reporting to,

  • Elevate patient/provider relationships
  • Support health information exchange and IDN communities
  • Notify the care team of critical patient events for immediate action
  • Manage transition or discharge from the ED or hospital through Care team mapping
  • Prepare utilization reports that can expose frequent fliers in the emergency room
  • Support patient care transitions
  • Aggregate locations in a location registry

iDAS is composed of NextGate’s core technology and components including,

  • Patient Matching (EMPI)
  • Provider and Organization Registry and Directory
  • XDS Registry and Repository for clinical document exchange
  • NextGate Messaging Server
  • Workflow and Task Manager
  • Event/Relation Registry