Facial Recognition

Transforming the Patient Experience: One Face at a Time

Biometrics is an emerging trend in healthcare, specifically regarding patient identification. As the market leader in patient and provider identity management, NextGate leveraged biometrics, neural network technology and machine learning to develop an Image Based Identification solution for facial recognition.

NextGate’s facial recognition software algorithmically compares images and even accounts for variances such as facial hair, lighting, and picture angles. The in-depth comparison increases patient matching accuracy, and when applied, can simplify registration, flag fraudulent activity, and eliminate the creation of duplicate records.

The vendor neutral solution works with the picture quality from tablets, smartphones and other readily available cameras, driving down implementation costs. The facial recognition software is integrated with NextGate’s EMPI, but can also be configured to work with any existing infrastructure, enabling easy deployment in various environments like personal devices, self-services kiosks and the Emergency Room.

The Facial Recognition solution provides:

  • Two-factor authentication for security
  • Increased matching accuracy
  • Images converted into vectors
  • Faster patient registration
  • Use with mobile devices
  • Low cost, vendor neutral implementation

Improve Data Quality and Interoperability

Facial recognition adds a powerful element in the effort to keep data quality clean. By storing an image with a patient record, both data stewards and matching algorithms have more criteria upon which to make decisions on identity. And when patient data is exchanged between systems, the image can help to ensure data content is matched to the correct patient.

Download our white paper to learn how Facial Recognition can revolutionize patient safety and reduce duplicate records.

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