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Enterprise Master Patient Index by NextGate, Rated #1 EMPI by KLAS Research

An Enterprise Master Patient Index correlates patient IDs across systems and settings, like EMRs, IDNs, and ACOs. Our EMPI is the gold standard in patient data matching, designed specifically for healthcare’s unique data and workflow requirements.

Built on the MatchMetrix® master identity platform

  • Automate duplicate record clean up and eliminate duplicate registrations
  • Provide faster and more accurate patient lookup
  • Enable a comprehensive view of a given patient
  • Common patient identifier for accurate data exchange
  • Improve data quality, accuracy, and consistency
  • Define patient – provider relationships
  • Reduce operational costs and errors resulting from duplicate patient records
  • Promote a consistent patient experience
  • A core component of enterprise interoperability framework

Biometric Identification

NextGate offers Facial Recognition to aid in patient identification and increase accuracy in reducing duplicate records. This technology is cost-effective and helps patients save time by self-registering and checking into an appointment. A picture of the patient at the time of check in is matched to other photos already on file to ensure accuracy.

To view the data sheet of the NextGate EMPI, click here.

Award Winning

Rated #1 EMPI by KLAS Research, the NextGate EMPI is the gold standard for patient data matching.


Over 20 years of successful customer implementations by a dedicated team of experts.


Built on the MatchMetrix® master identity platform, which has been refined for over two decades.

Vendor Neutral

Our EMPI works independently of existing systems, creating a global reference for each patient.


NextGate offers software and services to help you along your path to interoperability for ACO, HIE, IDN, MU.

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A Single Identifier For Patients Across The Enterprise

An EMPI links the right patient to the right data. It cross-references patient identifiers from disparate systems and unites them under an Enterprise Unique Patient Identifier (EUID), which is sometimes referred to as a Common Patient Identifier. The EUID becomes the enterprise reference for the patient; the key that ensures applications share data on the same patient. As a centralized index of the most trusted patient demographics, the EMPI enables enterprise patient searches and reliable data exchange.

The NextGate EMPI achieves high levels of accuracy because of frequency based weighting and probabilistic algorithms “tuned” for your specific data population. Built on the MatchMetrix® master identity platform and refined over 20 years of successful customer implementations, the NextGate EMPI is the definitive solution for cross-platform patient identification.

Matching logic: Nearly 100 probabilistic algorithms, designed for the healthcare environment, are invoked to achieve the highest level of matching accuracy. The EMPI handles data errors and variances, nicknames and aliases, multiple births, “Jane Doe”, and many other data quality situations.

Data Analysis and Normalization: EMPI implementation includes an intensive data analysis to determine metadata characteristics, to identify duplicate and potentially duplicate records across existing data sets, and to standardize/normalize data (e.g. First Street and 1st St.)

Configurable Matching Thresholds: Configurable thresholds determine when the EMPI should merge records or flag them as potential duplicates. The thresholds are set after a few test iterations, ensuring the most precise matching accuracy for your data.

Common Patient Identifier: Each EMPI patient record is assigned a unique identifier and stores all associated local identifiers for the patient.

Source of Truth: The EMPI assembles a “Single Best Record” or “Golden Record” comprised of the most trusted demographic data on a patient.

Integration: The EMPI supports IHE Integration profiles, standards-based APIs, web services and other forms of integration to connect to external systems. 

Workflow: The NextGate Workflow Manager orchestrates EMPI activities, such as record clean up, record merge approvals, and data governance procedures.

Data Stewardship User Interface: EMPI data quality is managed through a configurable user interface. Authorized users can resolve duplicates, unmerge records, and view a complete history of record activity.

Alert Notifications and Reports: Alerts and notifications are based on user-defined conditions. Various reports detail EMPI activity like Potential Duplicates by System or Facility, Automatic Merges, User Quality, etc.

NextGate has been a leading implementer of vendor-independent EMPI and indexing solutions for the healthcare industry for over 20 years. We have designed and deployed solutions for Providers, Payers, and integrated networks, ranging in size from single hospital facilities to national rollouts. We have the experience and knowledge to leverage EMPI and Master Data Management technology for next generation integrated health and understand the complexities inherent in registry deployments, as well as the knowledge to develop pragmatic, efficient, and durable solutions, all at a reasonable cost. Experience the difference with NextGate, contact us for a consultation today.