Steven Davis, D.O.

Dr. Steve DavisSteven Davis, Doctor of Osteopathy, has over 20 years of community hospital governance experience in executive and department leadership, and has served as Chief of Staff, Chairman of Family Practice, and a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Additionally, Dr. Davis:

  • Is Board Certified Family Practice physician in private practice in San Dimas, California
  • Is the Chief Medical Informatics Officer and past interim Chief Medical Officer at Martin Luther King Community Hospital (MLKCH) in Los Angeles
  • Worked with a non-profit board, MLKCH, and UCLA to re-establish a quality driven community inner city de novo “greenfield” hospital in an area of need
  • Ground up opening of a technology and care management focused Passionate about healthcare IT and data connectivity, as CMIO, Dr. Davis has been a leader in developing MLKCH’s highly integrated and interfaced hospital electronic records system and is currently helping to develop an electronically integrated community outpatient critical and continuity of care clinic with MLKCH and UCLA

He was a founding member and past Chairman of Physician Associates IPA, a 140,000 patient managed care organization that is now part of Davita/HealthcarePartners where he is the Medical Director of Physician Affiliates Clinical Information Service bringing EHR and IT solutions to IPA physician members.

He received his undergraduate degree from Baylor University and his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine and MS in Health Profession Education from Western University of Health Sciences.

Keynote Topic: WHO DAT(a)?

Who is that? With health care reform driving increased health IT and improved care management, the emerging models of quality/efficiency based reimbursement are making it increasingly necessary to have accurately identified data for both clinical and business based decisions.

Using his experience as a private practitioner, a large group and IPA medical director, and helping to open a technology and care management based inner city “greenfield” hospital, Dr Davis will show us the importance and impact that our work has on the care of individuals and the population as a whole.

We look forward to having Dr. Davis open the Make the Connection User Group conference for NextGate customers.

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