Matching patient, provider, or organization data coming from different systems is not so simple.

If you miss a match and end up creating a duplicate record, you weaken your ability to find the information you need. Or if you incorrectly match records, the inappropriate combination of information can cause even more serious consequences.

We know, because we’ve been alleviating this problem for over 20 years for all kinds of healthcare organizations. You can read more about healthcare organizations’ best practices and customer implementations here. In fact, we’ve built an entire technology stack and developed best practices so that you can match records with confidence and the highest accuracy available. We are proud to serve the healthcare industry, including:

Health Insurers and Payers

Health insurance organizations can trust NextGate to deliver high quality data that can be used to run business operations more efficiently with proven processes to aggregate, de-duplicate, and reconcile patient, provider and organization data, no matter the source, and present it within current workflows for ease of use.

Experience accurate and efficient data management through Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) patient identity management and member matching services, and Provider & Organization Registry. Having access to accurate, clean and longitudinal patient and provider data streamlines processes and brings clarity to complex data management for payers, members and providers.

Download: The Mississippi Division of Medicaid tackles patient identity management head on to become the first Medicaid Agency in the Nation to exchange clinical data.

Accountable Care Organization

ACOs focus on delivering a high level of collaboration that improves patient care while reducing costs. This requires interoperability across disparate EHRs to exchange patient information and foster coordinated care.

NextGate’s industry-leading EMPI technology, ranked #1 by KLAS, uses sophisticated algorithms and intelligence to confirm patient identity and deliver clean, consistent data that is the foundation for effective integration, data exchange and collaboration. Leveraging this technology, NextGate’s iDAS (Intelligent Data Aggregation Server) solution organizes data to the enterprise level for predictive modeling or any other healthcare data analytics effort, empowering providers with aggregated clinical, financial and demographic patient data.

Download Whitepaper: Technical Foundations of Accountable Care

Health Information Exchanges

HIEs help separate organizations work together in partnership by moving electronic clinical information between them, in context. Their goal is to facilitate access to, and retrieval of, clinical data and therefore provide safe, timely, efficient, effective, equitable and patient-centered care. To achieve this goal, patient records from all the systems need to be associated with the right patient.

The NextGate EMPI helps HIEs identify and match patient records, regardless of the originating location or differences in identifiers.

Press Release: Rochester RHIO
White Paper: HIE White Paper

Health Systems and Integrated Delivery Networks

Health systems and IDNs are being challenged to extract more value from existing resources and develop expanded patient-centered views of information. This requires clean, consistent, and commonly identifiable patient information throughout the system.

NextGate’s industry-leading Enterprise Master Patient Index is used by over 100 health systems to identify, manage, and exchange patient data on more than 175 million lives. NextGate’s iDAS solution framework organizes patient, provider, location, and event data into useable servings at the enterprise level for panoramic data views, predictive modeling, analytics, and more.

Vendor Neutral Archive Infrastructure

A VNA provides the technical infrastructure to bring together imaging studies, reports, and other artifacts, even if they originate across a town, a state, or continents. Ensuring the data relate to the same patient is an essential and complex challenge.

NextGate’s EMPI helps VNAs match and link data to the same patient with accuracy and confidence.

Download: NextGate Value Proposition for PACS & VNA Solutions Providers

Provider Groups

Physicians are busy. To maximize productivity, reduce costs and deliver quality care, they need to be confident that patient information assembled from differing sources is accurate, relevant and actionable.

NextGate’s industry-leading EMPI uses sophisticated algorithms and intelligence to confirm if patient data are related. The result is matched, cleaned, and consistent data that supports care coordination across multiple providers and payers.

Download: NextGate Provider Solutions

Specialty Practices

Specialist practitioners have to match their records against referrals and orders received electronically, or more commonly, via fax. Making sure the information relate to the same patient is time consuming and inexact.

NextGate’s #1 rated EMPI helps these practices by integrating with EHRs and proprietary software to confirm patient identity and ensure effective data exchange for collaboration using clean and consistent data.

Download: NextGate Provider Solutions

Care Coordination Institute

We were eager to find a solution that could match patient records at an enterprise level. NextGate assisted us in achieving the next level of data management and governance needed to continue our population health management and value-based care delivery objects.

John Supra
Executive Director
Care Coordination Institute

NHS Dumfries & Galloway logo

We can now share relevant health information with partner organisations using proper information governance protocols, so that the best decisions can be made, and the safest and most effective care delivered. The EMPI software has provided the ability to seamlessly integrate health and social care and other third party information.

Graham Gault
General Manager ICT
NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Hill Physicians logo

An efficient MSO must provide reliable and accurate patient information in order to improve physician adoption, increase clinical collaboration, and avoid unnecessary administrative expenses. Access to organized, consistent, and reliable patient information, regardless of practice location or vendor system, empowers our member physicians and participating organizations. NextGate’s expertise, knowledge, and technology for identity management and integration are best in class.

Craig Lanway
Chief Information
Hill Physicians Medical Group

Western Connecticut Health Network

With 1.8 million medical records we needed a comprehensive and highly developed tool to empower our care teams with accurate and actionable data. We’ve been so pleased with our partnership with NextGate, and with their help, we have reduced our duplicate record rate to approximately two percent.

Joyce Rice
Director of Health Information Services
Western Connecticut Health Network


I’ve been amazed at instances where the NextGate EMPI identifies potential duplicates that turn out to be the same patient. In some cases, we would never have found them. NextGate is amazingly innovative.

DeeAnn Jones
Supervisor of EMPI
Geisinger Health System

Hawaii Health Information Corporation

Assembling a complete patient record is particularly challenging in Hawaii because we have to accommodate different data systems, non-standard content, a diverse and transient population, and complicated phonetic attributes. Many other solutions we considered were underpowered and simply fell short. Our team concluded that NextGate had the intelligence, precision, and flexibility to handle the complexity of our challenge.

Jill Miyamura
Vice President
Hawaii Health Information Corporation

Evolent Health

The single best word to describe NextGate is ‘effective.’ In solving the technical complexity of linking data across multiple streams, vendors and solutions, NextGate nails it.

Chad Pomeroy