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Matching patient, provider, or organization data coming from different systems is not so simple.
We know, because we’ve been alleviating this problem for over 20 years for all kinds of healthcare organizations. In fact, we’ve built an entire technology stack and developed best practices so that you can match records with confidence and the highest accuracy available. The NextGate product suite allows our customers to examine accurate records of their patients and providers for longitudinal care information.

NextGate is the market leader in identity management solutions, involved in matching over 200 million lives. NextGate delivers the right tools to fuel collaborative healthcare with accuracy in data management, including:

  1. Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)
  2. Facial Recognition
  3. Provider & Organization Registry
  4. XDS Clinical Document Exchange
  5. Event & Relation Registry
  6. iDAS: Intelligent Data Aggregation Server

Customer Example
The Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) is the nation’s first Medicaid agency to send and receive clinical data in real-time with a health system and their Epic medical records system. MedeAnalytics partnered with NextGate to create an EMPI and single patient identifier. The agency now provides Medicaid data to UMMC, the state’s largest provider of care to Medicaid patients. Read more about their quest to integrate data sources and provide a better foundation for care delivery to the Medicaid population.

“We were eager to find a solution that could match patient records at an enterprise level. NextGate assisted us in achieving the next level of data management and governance needed to continue our population health management and value-based care delivery objectives.”
Care Coordination Institute, Supporting Greenville Health System and MyHealth First Network

Why Choose NextGate?

Health Systems and IDNs are challenged to extract more value from existing resources and develop expanded patient-centered views of information. This requires clean, consistent, and commonly identifiable data throughout the system. NextGate’s Enterprise Master Patient Index is used by over 100 health systems to identify, manage, and exchange patient data. NextGate’s iDAS solution framework organizes patient, provider, location, and event data into useable servings at the enterprise level for panoramic data views, predictive modeling, analytics, and more.

HIEs choose NextGate as their preferred partner in HIE data reconciliation and exchange. Providers and other care team users are confident that the patient, provider and document information is accurately presented in the right record every time.

ACOs benefit from NextGate’s identity management and data aggregation solutions to organize information to the enterprise level for predictive modeling and data analytics, empowering providers with aggregated clinical, financial and demographic patient data to make the best care decision.

Health Insurers and Payers trust NextGate to deliver high quality data that can be used to run business operations more efficiently. Proven processes and workflows to aggregate, de-duplicate, and reconcile patient, provider and organization data, no matter the source, for enhanced ease of use.

For more use cases, download the NextGate Case Study Compendium.