Our mission is to address the fundamental challenge of data management in healthcare: the uncertainties and missed opportunities caused by duplicate and disconnected records in a data population.

We help healthcare organizations improve data quality and reduce errors. While implementing interface engines in the early 1990s, we noticed a significant increase in the amount of duplicate and incomplete patient records. Previously, data stayed within its own silo, but now that applications became integrated, there was no easy or automatic way to compare patient identifiers to see if information was being shared about the same patient. This issue caused multiple duplicate records and contaminated data quality. Because this technical issue could impact a patient’s health, we made it our goal to find a solution.

So we developed MatchMetrix®, a technology platform to build applications, and we started with a vendor neutral, truly enterprise in scope, Enterprise Master Patient Index, aka EMPI. The NextGate EMPI uses probabilistic and other algorithms to solve the problem of comparing and matching patient records. It also creates a Single Best Record of patient demographic information that the entire enterprise can access, improving data quality, accuracy, and data exchange.

Our EMPI received the No.1 ranking from KLAS, and has become the foundation for integrated patient identity management. And then we expanded our matching technology to cover other data types such as providers, organizations, and events, and also added a relationship engine to link all the data together. MatchMetrix has become a registry platform that connects and organizes disparate data to enable a holistic view of healthcare information that drives improvements in quality, productivity, costs, and customer satisfaction.

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  • EMPI developed by founders
  • Sun/Oracle MPI Services
  • EMPI & MatchMetrix® developed
  • Partner embeds NextGate EMPI
  • IHE certified
  • EMPI v7
  • 20 million unique IDs
  • KLAS rated
  • MatchMetrix® Multi-Language
  • Registries for Healthcare v8
  • Over 130 Million unique IDs

A master identity management solution reduces the risk of sharing incorrect data.

NextGate’s master identity technology uses algorithms specific to the healthcare domain to reduce duplicate records and assemble a centralized “source of truth” index for patient demographics (EMPI) and provider information (provider registry). A common enterprise identifier is assigned to each entity, improving your confidence in the accuracy of cross-system data exchange.

Data Integration

With a pedigree in integration engines and SOA middleware platforms, NextGate knows how to connect and transform data. Our NextGate Message Server uses standard APIs, IHE profiles, and web services to integrate with application systems and between NextGate registries.

Healthcare Registries

For common data management requirements in healthcare, we’ve pre-configured the following registries with the relevant data model, algorithms, GUIs, event notification rules, and more:

Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)
Provider & Organization Registry & Directory
XDS Repository & Registry
iDAS- Intelligent Data Aggregation Server



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