We see it over and over again: frustration caused by duplicate records and inconsistent information. Most likely the root of the problem is a deterministic matching algorithm that doesn’t offer the sensitivity to find more subtle matches.   Exact matches, also known as deterministic comparisons, are not always the best methods to see if two records relate to the same entity because they can’t account for subtle differences caused by data entry errors or by local system nomenclature.   This inability to match similar records that have different identifiers or slight variations in content means more duplicate records are created all the time.

We fix that situation by including sophisticated and configurable probabilistic matching algorithms into our record comparison process. Since the early days of best of breed environments, we’ve been refining our matching algorithms and business process workflows to identify and match related records, even if they are located within the same application or across different data sources. We know that care decisions are based on information, so we dedicate ourselves to providing the best record/identity management solutions in the industry.

NextGate’s System Health Check service, is an expert evaluation of the environment and configuration of  our MatchMetrix EMPI and Provider & Organization Registry in order to confirm optimal processing efficiency and value.

Our detailed analysis of your current and upcoming data populations determines the best way to configure the matching algorithms and assess threshold limits.

We review data governance procedures and recommend methods to accommodate data quality differences across all stakeholders.  We also make sure that you are getting the reports and alerts you need in order to maintain a well-regulated and compliant system.

If you’re having challenges with duplicate records, or data quality, contact us and we’ll explore options to improve your operations.  To  learn more about the System Health Check service please download our NextGate System Health Check datasheet.